UPSTAIRS  is a design brand / studio based in Tallinn, Estonia.  


Our focus is to create functional playful and emotionally-captivating products that retain their simplicity while interacting with space and its inhabitants. The idea is not only to take care of customer’s pragmatic necessity but also to give everyday environments desired emotional and aesthetic qualities.

Meet the makers

Maria Sidorenko

Ceramics / Graphic design

Pavel Sidorenko

CEO / Product design


Public relations / Warehouse keeper

How we do it

In a time where fine art is rather reserved for political and philosophical statements, the craft, more than ever, become the bringer of pure and quiet beauty into our life. This is because objects made of natural materials as wood and clay, by hand, are the one of most necessary, beautiful, intimate, and comfortable things in our life.

We try to keep three pillars of production philosophy: refined design, select materials and masterly craftsmanship.

Shop / Studio

We are based in Tallinn, Estonia. Our studio/shop is located in Naaberhuud Telliskivi Creative City”.

In the “Naaberhuud” Upstairs studio with Keha3 and Holzmaier
are piecing together parts of their concepts to create an unique space.
The thing that unites us is aim to create functional and durable products through quality, craftsmanship and simplicity.